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Effective Defense Against Federal and Conspiracy Charges

It is important to speak to an experienced federal criminal defense attorney as soon as possible if you are being investigated or have been arrested for any federal offense. Why?

  • Federal authorities tend to spend a lot of time and money investigating a suspect before they make an arrest.
  • They frequently have tape of your telephone conversations with an informant. Both can present significant challenges for the defense.
  • Conviction for a federal offense can have extremely serious consequences, including long periods of incarceration and huge fines.

The attorneys of The Bagert Law Firm in New Orleans have successfully represented clients who were charged with federal offenses, such as:

Time Is Not on Your Side

Don't delay. The earlier you retain legal counsel, the more options we will be able to pursue. For example, we may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor to get the charges dismissed or reduced before a grand jury convenes to issue an indictment. We may be able to intervene on your behalf even before an arrest is made. If you believe you are the target of an investigation by any federal authority, please contact a lawyer at our office immediately.

Federal Conspiracy Charges

Most federal prosecutions rely on conspiracy statutes to gain advantages that do not exist in other types of criminal cases. One such advantage is the vagueness of the crime itself. Another advantage to the government is the “conspirator hearsay exception” which allows a government witness to repeat one conspirator´s out of court statement to establish the guilt of another defendant. Yet another advantage is the prosecutor´s ability to try all members of the conspiracy jointly, thus increasing the possibility of guilt by association.

While federal and conspiracy defense can be challenging, the government must still prove its case to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt to all twelve members of the jury. Our attorneys are skilled trial lawyers who have established a long record of success defending clients against federal charges. To learn how we can be of assistance to you, please contact us by e-mail or call (504) 523-1117.

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