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White Collar Criminal Defense

The term "white collar crime" does not describe a specific offense. Rather it describes a variety of offenses that do not typically involve physical violence against another person, but are based on deceit, concealment or violation of trust.

Crimes of Opportunity

Many white collar offenses are called crimes of opportunity. That is, they are committed by people who are placed in positions in which they have access to assets or information that they could use for their own benefit. The church volunteer who counts the money from the collection plate may be tempted to keep some for himself. A corporate executive may have information that would allow him to profit from insider trading.

The criminal defense attorneys of The Bagert Law Firm have successfully defended clients charged with white collar offenses in state and federal court. Please contact our office to discuss your case if you are facing any type of white collar crime charge, including:

  • Conspiracy
  • Fraud (including mail fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud, bank fraud, credit card fraud, check fraud and real estate fraud)
  • Embezzlement
  • Computer crimes
  • Employee theft
  • Money laundering
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Political corruption

White collar crimes often involve complex financial dealings that require a careful investigation of a paper trail. Our law firm knows how to analyze the most complicated set of facts and develop effective defense strategies.

We have represented clients who were investigated, prosecuted, or who had concerns in the following areas:

  • Mail and Wire Fraud
  • Bank Fraud: The recent collapse of the subprime lending market has triggered many investigations by the Department of Justice. Our lawyers have represented clients in such investigations. We have also represented clients accused of embezzlement of bank funds and of defrauding lending institutions.
  • Bankruptcy Fraud: As bankruptcy filings escalate, so too does the number of criminal bankruptcy fraud investigations. The focus of these inquiries concern whether the bankrupt concealed assets, made false statements, or committed other bankruptcy crimes.
  • Health Care Fraud: Prosecution of health care fraud is a major priority of the U.S. Department of Justice and the Louisiana Attorney General. We have defended health care companies, their officers, and employees in criminal investigations and prosecutions. We have also obtained favorable resolutions of fraud accusations that have avoided or minimized collateral consequences such as Medicare/Medicaid exclusion and disciplinary actions by professional licensing boards.
  • Public Corruption, Campaign Finance, and Ethics Law Violations: The Bagert Law Firm has represented elected and appointed public figures in connection with state and federal criminal investigations as well as civil penalty proceedings before the Louisiana Board of Ethics. The firm has represented clients under investigation by or charged with violations of federal campaign finance and election laws, the Hobbs Act, federal honest-services-fraud statutes and state bribery and conflict of interest laws. We understand the intricacies of the difficulties that public figures encounter when they are under investigation.
  • Corporate Compliance Programs: The Bagert Law Firm has assisted clients in developing and improving compliance programs to minimize the possibility of criminal exposure.
  • Federal Program and Contract Fraud
  • Tax Fraud

Clients facing white collar charges have selected our firm because of our experience and success in similar cases and because of our law firm's reputation for ethics and integrity. To speak to a lawyer about your case, please call (504) 523-1117 or contact us by e-mail. From offices in New Orleans, we represent clients throughout south Louisiana.